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Why Rent Speakers?

A new trend today involves holding major parties and functions outdoors, especially if the weather permits. For such events, speaker rentals make the most sense, as speakers for rent help emphasize the sound, without having to worry about storage when the weather isnít good.

Speakers Available at Rentfusion

Now with Rentfusion, It is possible to rent speakers from all kinds of brands, such as JBL, Mackie, Fender and Anchor. Experts are also available to help you decide which speaker rental would best suit your sound requirements. Speaker rentals are available both with and without a microphone, depending on whether you require speeches or presentations or not.

  • Anchor AN1000X and AN1001X
    • Fender Passport 250
      • Fender Passport 150
        • JBL EON 15p
          • Mackie 1642 VLZ Pro

          • Speakers for Events

            You can get a good speaker rental for a large presentation or meeting being held in an auditorium or hall. It is also possible to rent speakers with microphones for outdoor weddings, dances and events. You can get the equipment delivered while renting speakers, which means you never have to worry about the transportation of such delicate yet large equipment.

            Call Toll Free Number 1-866-736-8387 for speaker rental specialist at Rentfusion. Rental distribution center Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York & New Jersey.

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