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A kiosk helps to add a certain amount of interactivity to your tradeshow or convention. Because of the touch-screen feature of the kiosk, many people today prefer using either an iPad kiosk, or a tablet kiosk. A computer kiosk on the other hand, while also a touch-screen, has different software and hardware from any tablet or computer that is readily available, which may make it difficult for people to adjust to. An iPad kiosk rental by Rentfusion is the best, as it allows you to use the iPad as a kiosk, without you have to purchase either the iPad or the stand, as they are both quite expensive.

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Benefits of Renting Internet or Touchscreen Kiosks for Events

Internet kiosk rentals comes with, large 17" Touchscreen LCD display as well as soft touch industrial keyboard and trackball mouse. Stealth kiosk from Rentfusion is powered by embedded IBM Thinkcenter S50 P4/3.2 Ghz small form factor desktop computer.

You can use an iPad kiosk, computer or tablet kiosk at tradeshows and conventions to help give information to your audience. A kiosk is a little more personal than a brochure or pamphlet, as the audience member can simply tap on the information he wants or requires, making it a fun exercise for him, while giving you the publicity you need. You can even use a video kiosk to run different videos, which are likely to grab a person's attention, making them aware of you and your company.

Types of Kiosks Available on Rent

Depending on your needs, several kiosks are available for rent. If you already have an iPad, you can simply get an iPad kiosk stand rental for your event, and use your own iPad as a Kiosk. These stands come with locks, so you need not worry about somebody stealing your iPad. The HP Touchsmart 9100 is also available for rent, and works on the PC system. You can also avail of a full iPad kiosk rental set in the form of the Lilitab Pro Line Kiosk Rental. If you are not interested in getting an iPad at all, the Stealth Internet Kiosk Rental is what you need, and this comes with a large trackball mouse, and allows you and your audience members to access the Internet.

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