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Why Rent Plasmas?

A big-screen display can help your company stand out at a convention or trade-show. A plasma rental from Rentfusion is the best way to make this lasting impact. You can ask our experts before you rent a plasma to understand what will best suit your needs.

Types of Plasma LCDs

Plasma rentals are available from the best of the best brands like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. Brands like Elo and NEC also provide plasma rentals, and the sizes vary from 17 to 80 inches. While deciding on a plasma rental, size definitely does matter the most.

Elo Plasma Rentals

Hitachi Plasma Rentals

NEC Plasma Rentals

Panasonic Plasma Rentals

Pioneer Plasma Rentals

Sony Plasma Rentals

Renting Plasma for Different Events

Depending on the size of the event you are attending, you can easily rent plasma in the U.S.A. From trade shows to conventions, all of your needs can be met. It is also possible to ask for several plasmas together to create a large video-wall display for both in-door and out-door events. With staff available on site, you can rest-easy about the equipment and concentrate completely on your event going flawlessly.

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