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Service Areas

Rentfusion offers computer rentals and audio-visual equipment rental services through-out the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and the islands. Our state-of-the-art warehouses are strategically located nationwide to provide seamless distribution. Through our extensive fleet of trucks and in conjunction with Fedex, UPS and other transportation carriers, we can provide same or next day delivery, locally or anywhere in the United States.

Rentfusion professionals can serve all Tradeshows that have a rotation pattern across the country. Our relationships with common carriers and customs brokers will ensure your equipment delivery in time.

Rentfusion is a member of ITRA (International Technology Rental Association). Our alliance and partnerships with the members of ITRA enables us to provide seamless service and support across the country, including in remote areas.

Rental distribution centers: Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas


Rentals & Support:   1-866-736-8387 |   sales@rentfusion.com