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Digital Signage
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Digital Signage Rental

In the recent years, animated electronic signs have increasingly replaced age old static signs, both indoor as well as outdoors. New LED backlit LCD display technologies have emerged and electronic signs are able to present clear, colorful, and vivid images. The need for digital signage displays is more pronounced on Trade Show floors where exhibiting companies are doing everything to attract eyeballs. There are numerous choices ranging from brands, size, display resolution, format and so on. Although, the costs to procure these displays are prohibitive and the logistics involved in installing them into the booths is tedious and cumbersome process. Fortunately, it is possible to rent LCD displays from reputed technology companies that can offer their services in major convention centers. Rentfusion stocks digital signage display rental inventory ranging from smaller 32” LCD display to large 100” LED LCD displays from major manufacturers like NEC & Samsung. Display resolution range from 1080p to the highest 4K or UHD (Ultra High Definition) displays. A variety of mounting options like Floor Mounts, Wall Mounts or Truss Mount are available to rent since there are countless ways in which to position and mount them. Protecting these fragile large format displays is critical since damage or cracks on the screens are not repairable. For that reason, we store and transport them in certified custom built ATA shipping cases that can withstand rough handling by union crew members at the convention centers and your rental display is delivered to you intact.


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