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Tablet & Mobile Device Rental

Today, more business than ever before is conducted on the road, away from the cubicles of yesterday. Mobile technology has advanced leaps and bounds to make that possible in form of compact, yet extremely advanced and powerful mobile devices in form of iPads, Tablets and Smartphones. Be it a corporate Event, User Conference or a Trade show, mobile devices are increasingly replacing legacy computers. However, since these are personal devices with small screens, they can only be used by one person at a time as compared to desktop computers and displays that can be shared by many users. Therefore, businesses are required to have these mobile devices in very large quantities for such events. The enormous cost of procuring hundreds and thousands of iPads for a short duration of usage makes it a huge challenge and almost impossible in many situations. Is iPad Rental the Solution? YES! Rentfusion recognizes this need and offers just the right solution by offering rentals of iPads in large quantities at a small fraction of the cost of buying these devices. Business class rental service includes professionally packaged tablets in multi pack protective shipping cases, fresh and clean installation of the latest iOS on each device and optional custom App installation at your request. iPads are shipped in Leather Folio Cases as a standard, however Rentfusion offers rentals of host of other accessories such as iPad Kiosks, POS (Point of Sale) Stands, wall mounts and various other options that you can rent. In addition to renting iPads with Wi-Fi or 4G Cellular, our customers can rent Smartphones like Apple iPhone, Andriod tablets like Google Nexus & Samsung Galaxy Tab and tablets running on Microsoft Windows like Microsoft Surface Pro as well. Last but not the least, Hot-Spot Rentals offer connectivity where wi-fi is unavailable.


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