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Video Wall
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Video Wall Rental

Jumbo sized images can be displayed using traditional projectors, however projectors do not cut it where “in-your-face” imaging is not desired, enough distance is not available for projection throw or there is a lot of ambient light limiting the brightness of the projected image. These conditions typically exist in a trade show environment. Video Walls utilizing multiple LED backlit LCD Panels provide the perfect solution. Like Lego pieces, these panels can be arranged in any combination, although the most popular combination utilized is in a 3 x3 matrix. You can have one large image spanning across all the panels or choose of have different sources on individual or selected number of panels. These near seamless modular LCD panels offer limitless combinations to achieve the desired image and any size. However, the video wall panels do require expert and professional mounting and calibration to be performed by certified trained technicians. Video wall rental services exist, however they must be accompanied with complete turnkey installation service. Our inventory of NEC seamless video walls can be configured in infinite combinations and expert technicians ensure that they are connected via a vast array of inputs including HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort and are calibrated perfectly. Call Rentfusion today to reserve your video wall and GLUE the Tradeshow Attendees to your booth!


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