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Video Wall Display Rentals

The Video Wall Rentals from Rentfusion can be configured in many combinations. Our Inventory consists of Orion Multi PDP Plasma modules which offer seamless configurations. The latest in Seamless Video Wall is available from Rentfusion to enhance your booth.

Why Rent Video Walls?

Video Wall rentals are general hassle free as they do not come with installation or storage problems. In fact, they come with free installation and round the clock assistance. With your video wall rental, you need not worry about the upkeep and storage of the unit, especially if you only require it for a few days every few months.

Types of Displays

At Rentfusion, you can get a video wall display as small as 2x2, or as big as a 10x10 grid. These video wall rentals are generally made out of 42-inch screens, which may be an LCD or LED video wall, from brands like NEC and Orion.

Video Wall Rentals For?

It is easy to rent a video wall for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Broadcasts
  • Digital Signage
  • Theater presentations

Based on the need, you can easily connect your video wall rental to a PC, DVD player or VHS player, as well as cameras, and they all come with their own processing unit. Video walls are also seen in lobbies and conferences. This means that you can make use of these beautiful video walls to ensure that your next indoor event will be remembered by one and all.

Contact us on our TOLL FREE number 1-866-736-8387 for video wall display rentals anywhere in USA. Rental distribution center Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York & New Jersey.

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